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Zlock 18 SD

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Zlock 18 SD
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General Information
Slot Secondary
Icon Small icon
Type Light Pistol, Semi-Auto
Special Silenced
Caliber 9mm
Magazine Capacity 18
Magazine Carried 6
Reload Type Entire Magazine
Weight 0.2
E.P Cost -
Level 0
Achievements none


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Zlock 18 SD
Max Damage 16
Optimal Range range
Max Range range
Shoot Interval 0.16s
Reload time 1.6s
Speed Malus -0.2
Recoil factor
Walking 0.09
Running 0.18
Sprint cant shoot
Usable By
class 2
class 3

Tactics and Tips

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Note/Special Abilities


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Eb Zlock18sd 01.png
Zlock 18 SD (standard)
Availability: -
Eb Zlock18sd 01.png
Zlock 18 SD (Red Line)
Availability: Level ???

Modification Comparison

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Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb Zlock18sd 01.png
Zlock 18 SD
16 10 18 (6) 1.7 0.16 low 0.2 - Type: Pistol, Semi-Auto
Caliber: 9mm
Special: Silenced
Eb Zlock18 01.png
Zlock 18
18 12 18 (6) 1.5 0.16 low+ 0.15 - Type: Pistol, Semi-Auto
Caliber: 9mm


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Weapon/Class Assault Scout Medic(G) Defender Shadow Cobra Medic(T) Juggernaut Note
Zlock 18 SD - - - - GreenCheck 01.png - - - note
Zlock 18 - GreenCheck 01.png - - - - - - note

Related Achivements

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Name Requirements Description
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -