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CB tank.png
Quote sx.png "GROWWWWLLL"
-The Tank
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Sacrificing speed for durability, the Tank's high health is excellent for disorienting and rushing the defenders. Their high health is best used to take the brunt of the firepower, while the Runners can go forward and take out the survivors. (By Ptuh)


Name: Unknown
Role: Tanking and Heavy Assault Infection
Avatar: Avt Heavy 01.png
Icon: Big Lock.png
Description: The zombi encyclopedia says:"Growl! Grooowl! Very slow! You'd better use a lot of bullets to stop them. Very Dangerous"


Main Article: Health, Boost, Status

Condition Health Boosted Berserk
Standard Tank Suit 100 - -


Main Article: Speed, Status

Condition Stamina Normal Strafe Backward Walking Sprint Berserk
Standard Tank Suit - 4 3.65 3.3 - - -
- - - - - - - -

Basic Strategy

Main Article: Tips, Tank Strategy

  • Thanks to your high Health Points you can use your Body as Shield to cover your mates.
  • You're most effective when you stay in a group, don't engage enemies alone.

Recommendations by users

  • Its high health and its great range make them very dangerous in melee combat. (By Superkiller)
  • Its high health makes it perfect to defend other zombies or to protect a zombie that is eating. (By Superkiller)
  • "You have ever noticed that they always point to the brain?" Their main role is to protect their mates while they break the glass case and eat the brain. (By Degra)
  • "I want that bullet in my collection!" Tank has a lot of HP that allows them to withstand many shots to defend their zombie's friends. (By Degra)
  • Use the tank wisely. The tank is the only zombie (for free players) that has a ranged attack. If you know that one or more of the guards are low health, choose the tank to attack from a range to increase your chance of killing them.


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Condition Equipment Points
Normal -

Zombie Primary Attack

Main Article: Zombie Attack

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb ZombieAttack 01 tank.png
Tank Punch
160 0.5 - - 0.5 none 0 - Type: Melee
Special: Featherweight

Zombie Secondary Attack

Main Article: Zombie Attack

Name Max Damage Opt Range Ammo Reload Time Fire Ratio Recoil Power Weight E.P Cost Note
Eb ZombieAttack 01 HeavyRock.png
Rock Launcher
Hit Damage 45hp
Explosion Damage 25hp
instant Launchable Launch: 7m
Explosion: 1.2m
infinite 3s 0 - Special: Featherweight


Main Article: Gadgets

Name Effects Type Uses Use Time Weight E.P Cost Note
Big Lock.png
- - - - - - note


Main Article: Suit

Suit Table - TO DO

Equipment Combo

Main Article: Equipment Combo

Equipment Combo Table - TO DO

Equipment Sets

Main Article: Equipment Sets

Equipment Table - TO DO


Main Article: Taunt

Taunt Table - TO DO


Main Article: Achievements

Name Requirements Description
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -
Big Lock.png
- -